NFT.NYC 2023

Videos, Pictures, and a few words on this year’s edition held at the Javits Center.

With “Crypto & NFT Winter” still persistently lingering 15 months after the crash of January 2022, I was interested to take the pulse of the NFT market and communities which dwindled, disappeared, exploded on the scene and rose like a phoenix from the ashes. Despite the press having a gleeful payday with the plunging prices of crypto currencies, diminished NFT sales volume, and plunging floor prices of NFT projects, everything is not always as it may seem, or be reported upon.

There was a lot of great energy, great speakers, and great fun to be had. The new venue of the Javits Center was a welcome improvement over the 2022 madness in Times Square. And the wait for coffee was reduced to a matter of minutes at the most. GM and LFG! Day 1 Video:

Day 1 gets the ball rolling nicely…
And Day 2…
And finally, Day 3. That’s a wrap!

The speakers/panels in 2023 represented a more focused and “everybody upped their game” experience. That was a pleasant thing to see in the space as it matures, and the inevitable “sort by quality” starts to occur. This is how an ecosystem grows, and becomes more adaptable and strong. Darwinian principles applied to Web3!

Keep on growing the space, connecting with communities, and see you in 2024!

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