Contract Killers (2021)

Nancy Baker Cahill’s Contract Killers is a groundbreaking NFT series which we acquired for our NFT inventory. Endeavoring to address how contracts have been manipulated and broken throughout history, the artist states: “Contract Killers, a site-specific augmented reality series, uses the contractual vocabulary of blockchain technology to highlight broken social contracts of all kinds. Appearing in three colors in three locations, an AR (Augmented Reality) handshake dissolves into thin air upon contact. Each of the three handshakes represents a realm of obligation and agreement where trust evaporates, where stated contracts continue to fail individuals and communities.

Contract Killers NFTs by Nancy Baker Cahill
Top: “Social”. The multiple edition of 23. Bottom: The three 1/1 NFTs, left to right: “Judicial”, “Civic”, & “Financial”.

The drop was written about extensively in the art press, including The Art Newspaper, Artnet, LA Times, Bitcoin News, and the catalogue for the museum exhibition in Austria, “Proof of Art”, where the NFTs were exhibited in the Summer of 2021. “Judicial was also exhibited in the first global Metaverse exhibition – at the world’s largest museum The Hermitage – which closed this December 13, 2021.

The works also include a physical object, which are on display in the office/library at Caldwell Gallery Hudson.

Physical objects for Contract Killers NFTs

This project is an example of an established and critically acclaimed artist thoughtfully engaging with the new technology of blockchains, NFTs, and the Metaverse to create a groundbreaking project. Our “Contract Killers” NFTs are currently not for sale, but please do reach out to Jay Caldwell to discuss this project!

Nancy Baker Cahill at work, photographed by Dominic Nieri
Nancy Baker Cahill at work. Photograph by Dominc Nieri