OG:Crystals (2021)

From the OG: Crystals website: A collaboration between Michael Joo and Danil Krivoruchko, OG:CR transforms static NFTs into a flourishing digital reefscape, where each uniquely individual piece of digital art grows every time it is re-sold. All 10,301 OG:Crystals will become a direct reflection of both their owner and future transactional history, creating a visual record of combined digital and organic processes. Like the living architecture formed by the exo-skeletons of coral polyps, past, present and future coexist, offering a new take on NFTs, value, and the creative process.

CGHBlockchain has been involved in this project since it was first announced, and we have both grown and acquired some magnificent and rare examples of these exceptional three dimensional works of art. When the growth mechanics lock on 12/31/2021, the OG: Crystals team will be hard at work moving the 3-D printing of the finished crystals into high gear. When all 10,301 are printed, they will be formed into a reef which will travel to museums throughout the world. A truly groundbreaking project!