Metaverse Adventures

Metaverse Curation & Exhibition

Rethinking the Role of Art Galleries in the Web3 Space Note: This blog post provides background information regarding CGHBlockchain’s Metaverse exhibition Equality, Inspiration, Support. In my 37th year in the art world – which has included visiting countless gallery and museum exhibitions, art fairs, and private collections – one of the things I’m struck by … Continue reading Metaverse Curation & Exhibition

Girl Power Powers up the NFT Space

It’s about time. Web3 is offering unprecedented opportunities for women (and as we’ll see girls) to lead projects which can flourish without being constrained by the historical and gate kept limiting factors of glass ceilings, societal strictures, financial access restrictions, and frameworks (both overt and covert) which have been firmly in place for thousands of … Continue reading Girl Power Powers up the NFT Space

Ground breaking Exhibit Opens

The Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia, has just opened a major exhibition exploring NFTs and the Metaverse. CGHBlockchain is proud to have loaned two of our NFTs to this important event. The museum world is being challenged and invigorated by the unique properties and technology inherent to blockchain, Metaverse, and NFT art. Creation, collection, … Continue reading Ground breaking Exhibit Opens

Shifting the Paradigm

The art world has been around for a very long time. Interestingly, although the type of art being created has changed dramatically over the years, what hasn’t changed much is how art is sold. The arrival of the internet, and later social media, has allowed artists some independence from the gallery system which has typically … Continue reading Shifting the Paradigm

Metaverse 101

When I first started hearing the term “Metaverse” vis-a-vis the art world last year (it seemed to spring up during the Covid induced quarantine) I quickly realized I hand no idea regarding what it meant. So I went to the search engine of my choice, and shortly thereafter realized it was a conflation of “Meta” … Continue reading Metaverse 101

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