Girl Power Powers up the NFT Space

It's about time. Web3 is offering unprecedented opportunities for women (and as we'll see girls) to lead projects which can flourish without being constrained by the historical and gate kept limiting factors of glass ceilings, societal strictures, financial access restrictions, and frameworks (both overt and covert) which have been firmly in place for thousands of … Continue reading Girl Power Powers up the NFT Space

Jay Caldwell and Turner Become an NFT

“How I became an NFt…”

"...aka an artist and the blockchain ledger ate my pixels!" Earlier this year I became aware of an interesting project from an Instagram post by artist Jessica Goehring. I wonder if this is gonna hurt...?!?! For her #SocialNetworkSocialDistancing 2021 project you could direct message her a selfie and if she liked it, you would become … Continue reading “How I became an NFt…”