White Male Artist (2021)

Cassils’ White Male Artist project launched in June 2021 and helped redefine durational performance NFTs. There was no precedent for the theme and execution of this groundbreaking project.

$HT Coins are a durational performance based on the consumption of food eaten by the most financially successful artists of our time, White Male Artist ©2021 White Male Artist. All Rights Reserved. From the artist’s website:

If collectors want something intimate, really personal to the artist, there’s the artist’s own shit, that is really his.”–Peiro Manzoni, 1961

White Male Artist is widely respected as a pioneer in his field. His work has been exhibited all over the world, commanding many millions of dollars in sales. White Male Artist is presented by Phillips auction house, the renowned and prestigious auctioneers, whose sales date back centuries, and have included the estates of Napoleon Bonaparte and Queen Marie Antoinette. Let them eat cake.

White Make Artist’s latest work, $HT Coin, is the first NFT of its kind. They were produced daily and each unique can contains a nutritional label detailing what White Male Artist has consumed within a 24-hour cycle. $HT Coin cans will be the highest quality human shit on the market. White Male Artist hopes that you too will be inspired by your can, and that you too eat these famous artists’ meals, and make the same shit these white male artists make. 

We are pleased to own 5 of the 33 unique (1/1) $HT Coins NFTs, each including a physical can. The artists in our collection are Robert Rauschenberg, Norman Rockwell, Gerhard Richter, Claes Oldenburg, and Bruce Nauman.

Cassils is a globally acclaimed performance artist. You can read more on the artist’s website. The artist’s recent 10 year retrospective in London received global press, including a major article in the New York Times.