Social Philanthropic NFT CGH Blockchain

Charity NFTs

Philanthropic NFT CGH Blockchain
View works from this series. If you are new to NFTs and have questions contact Jay Caldwell for assistance.

To showcase how Blockchain technology, NFTs, and the Metaverse can be deployed for good, CGH Blockchain has created NFTs designed to generate philanthropy for worthy causes.

100% of each Charity NFT (Social & Environmental) sale will be matched by Caldwell Gallery Hudson and donated to a non-profit in that NFT’s field. Any resales of these NFTs by purchasers will automatically generate a 10% royalty – built into the blockchain smart contract – which we will also donate to charity. All transactions are publicly viewable and verifiable via the blockchain explorer. Our chosen non-profits will be ones which accept crypto donations, as this entire charity project endeavors to showcase a vision, a technology, and the financial good a blockchain based philanthropic project can generate.