Nikolina Kovalenko

Nikolina Kovalenko works with fragile ecosystems creating artwork inspired by locations specific to each project. Utopian Reefscapes address the effects of climate change on the health of the ocean’s coral population.

The world’s coral reefs play a crucial role in supporting life on earth as we know it. These extraordinary animals are in crisis due to myriad human-triggered factors. Scientists estimate 50% of the world’s coral reefs have been destroyed, and expect another 40% to disappear over the next twenty years due to warming oceans, pollution, overfishing, and habitat destruction.

The artist’s compelling oil paintings show an ocean of abundance, filled with thriving corals. They depict what could be if we choose to address the man-made factors threatening their existence. This aquatic garden of Eden makes it difficult to tell reality from fiction. Inspired by the hope filled message of her paintings, Nika has extended her creativity and messaging into a project where each oil painting will have a limited edition “reflective NFT experience”. These NFT videos, paired with either a “breath” or “heartbeat” soundtrack, envelop the earth and rotate infinitely through time and the cosmos.

Example of an oil painting to reflective NFT.

This NFT project was minted on the environmentally friendly Proof-of-Stake Polygon blockchain. They are available for purchase on our Opensea Utopian Reefscapes project page. Please let us know if you’d like additional information or assistance purchasing these beautiful artworks. Edition size: 4 (3 + 1 A/P for artist). Price: 0.1 Ethereum

OpenSea storefront where you can purchase NFTs from Utopian Reefscapes.

Twenty percent of all painting and NFT sales will be donated to the Coral Reef Alliance.

Nika Kovalenko exhibition of NFTs at OnCyber.
View these NFTs at our OnCyber metaverse virtual gallery space.

The artist’s oil paintings may be seen online at Caldwell Gallery Hudson.

Twilight Canyon by Nikolina Kovalenko
Twilight Canyon and other oils by Nikolina Kovalenko may be viewed at Caldwell Gallery Hudson.