Charity NFT

In an effort to showcase how Blockchain technology, NFTs, and the Metaverse can be deployed for good, CGH Blockchain has created what we believe is a first: Art gallery NFTs designed to generate philanthropy for worthy causes. Our Environmental and Social NFTs will be minted in Editions of 50 each on the environmentally friendly proof-of-stake Polygon blockchain. 

Artists have led the way in addressing environmental and social causes going back more than 175 years when Thomas Cole’s painted works showing the impact development and expansion was having on America’s pristine beauty. The themes of our tokens focus on giving voice to artists of yesteryear so they can inspire us all to help build a better tomorrow.

Charity NFTs for sale on OpenSea – raising money for environmental and social causes.

100% of each Charity NFT sale will be matched by Caldwell Gallery Hudson and donated to a non-profit in that NFT’s field. Any resales of these NFTs by purchasers will automatically generate a 10% royalty – built into the blockchain smart contract – which we will also donate to charity. All transactions are publicly viewable and verifiable via the blockchain explorer. Our chosen non-profits will be ones which accept crypto donations, as this entire charity project endeavors to showcase a vision, a technology, and the financial good a blockchain based philanthropic project can generate.

Charity NFTs on view at OnCyber.

CGH Blockchain’s framework of collaborations, projects and partnerships – all of which are tethered to philanthropic goals – are intended to engage, challenge, and inspire us all to help make the world a better place. Please join us!

Environmental NFT from CGH Blockchain
View the Environmental Philanthropy NFT on OpenSea.
Social Philanthropic NFT CGH Blockchain
View the Social Philanthropy NFT on OpenSea.