“How I became an NFt…”

“…aka an artist and the blockchain ledger ate my pixels!” Earlier this year I became aware of an interesting project from an Instagram post by artist Jessica Goehring.

I wonder if this is gonna hurt…?!?!

For her #SocialNetworkSocialDistancing 2021 project you could direct message her a selfie and if she liked it, you would become an NFT! I had just visited the venerable Clark Art Museum in Williamstown, MA, and just happened to have taken a selfie in front of their incredible Turner painting.

I submitted the selfie to the artist, and a few days later my pixels became an NFT! In fact, for whatever reason, she chose to make two versions. Had I become the two-for-one daily special?!?!

The artist’s NFTs are available on her Opensea Storefront.

And that, dear friends, is how an artist and the blockchain forever minted my immutable NFT self for eternity!